At QMedET, our focus is to:

Dramatically reduce medical documentation costs by providing scalable technology solutions that streamline your workflow, increase production and improve quality of care.

Our IT specialists are ready with interfacing solutions that work with any EMR/EHR system on the market today.

QMedET Solutions’ clients work within their EMR without suffering productivity loss typically associated with manual entry. Physicians are able to dictate as usual via telephone, digital recorder or one of our new mobile applications, and our system passes completed reports to the EMR/EHR just as if the physician had entered the report manually.

Physicians spend 1 minute dictating versus 3-5 minutes for other methods, allowing more time with patients, resulting in:

  • Increased quality of care
  • Increased patient volume
  • Increased revenue

Transcriptions are easy to locate and always available in your online file.

It is easy to see why QMedET Solutions is the trusted provider for top quality transcription services for both large and small facilities nationwide. Contact QMedET Solutions and move into the new age of medical documentation.


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