With QMedET Soluions, uploading dictations is fast and efficient....

Using InTouch, physicians can dictate using traditional phone systems and still have their dictation automatically routed to our transcriptionists securely within seconds.  InTouchPhone

Touch-tone telephone buttons can easily be programmed to perform desired functions per a setup to make uploading dictations fast and easy.  Our technology platform supports many telephone dictation devices used by other systems, allowing the InTouch server to perform various functions such as “start recording,” “pause,” “rewind 5 seconds,” “play,” “pause,” etc., per the customized setting.

Voice files are encrypted with a 128-bit Twofish algorithm during transit.  When a voice file is received, copies are stored in two different server farms.  QMedET clients can access and listen to any dictation for up to one year, after which it is backed up and moved to a second data center for permanent storage.

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